Healthy Holiday’s to All

As the Holiday Season is quickly approaching, grocery stores are stocking up on apple pie, nutmeg, pumpkin pie, and other delicious desserts. It’s hard to go into the grocery store during the holiday season and not leave with cookies, ice cream, or pumpkin spice lattes. But, don’t worry, there are other ways you can curve your sweet cravings during the holiday season. You can do this by eating healthy, delicious, and mouth watering foods. There are also many fun exercises you can do to remain fit during this holiday season! You can do these exercises with your close friends and family while huddled inside a toasty house. Blogalaties, created by Cassey Hoe, introduces new fun ways to eat and workout without making eating bland and working out miserable. So what are these delicious foods and fun exercises?? Lets explore!


Ice cream Cookie sandwiches! Who doesn’t love cookies and ice cream? This is not your ordinary ice cream sandwich! It’s a healthier version that will leave you feeling guilt free after indulging in it.

For this recipe all you will need is,

  1. Two Bananas
  2. 1 Cup of dried Oats
  3. Food Processor

One banana will be used to make your ice cream and the other banana will be combined with the dried oats to make your cookie.

Now that you have these ingredients, lets get started!

  1. Chop 1 banana into small pieces
  2. Put chopped bananas into the freezer until frozen (Can take approximately 1 hour)
  3. Pour one cup of dried oats into food processor and blend
  4. Add the other banana, into food processor, with the blended dried oats
  5. Blend banana with dried oats in food processor until doughy
  6. Pour doughy mixture into bowl and mush up the dough with your hands until dough resembles normal cookie dough
  7. Use the dough to make balls of cookie dough and place on cookie sheets
  8. Place cookie sheet in oven and let bake for 15 minutes at 300°F
  9. Take bananas out of freezer
  10. Blend frozen bananas in food processor until frozen bananas resemble creamy texture of ice cream
  11. Assemble your Ice Cream Cookie sandwich


YUM! Thanks to Cassey Ho, we can indulge in delicious desserts during the holiday season without consuming the processed junk offered by our local grocery stores.

Personally, I would tweak this recipe a little bit by adding peanut butter to my ice cream. I love peanut butter because it really helps curve my sweet tooth! It also provides our bodies with healthy fats. You can do this by blending peanut butter, in the food processor, with the bananas in step 10. But, do not limit yourself with just peanut butter; you can get crazy with it by adding whatever you want to your ice cream. For example, you can add a couple of nestle dark chocolate chips into your ice cream. This will also provide your body with some antioxidants.

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Not only is maintaining a healthy diet essential during the holiday season, but so is maintaining an exercise routine. During this holiday season, you find yourself constantly huddled up in your house. It’s hard not to spend time with friends and family sitting around a fire watching 10 Lifetime movies in a row. Although sitting around all day is fun and cozy; it’s not healthy. So, it’s time to incorporate some easy, quick, and fun exercises during the holiday season. These exercises pair up very nicely with the healthy dessert mentioned above and can lead to some abs!

  1. Leg up Crunches
  2. Double leg lifts
  3. Criss -crosses
  4. Reverse crunches
  5. Single leg jack knives



In the Blogolatie video above, Cassey Hoe instructs her viewers to do each abs exercise for a minute each. In the video, pop music is played in the background so that her viewers are motivated to complete the exercises. Although this is a fun way to get your exercise in during the holiday season, this is what I suggest you should do…

Imagine this, you and your friends are watching a classic Lifetime Christmas movie, like The Charlie Brown Movie, and right when it gets to your favorite part it cuts to the commercial. During the commercial, you and your friends sit around and play on your phones anticipating the movie to come back on. The commercial seems to drag on and on.

Don’t worry, I have a cure for long boring commercial breaks! During the commercial breaks, I say incorporate these abs exercises. Incorporating these abs exercises will make commercials fly by and keep you fit because you won’t be constantly sitting. So I say, tell your friends to get off the couch during commercial breaks and do one of these abs exercises for each commercial. For example, during the Pantene Hair commercial do the leg up crunches. Then, during the Taco Bell commercial switch to the double leg lifts. This way you’ll be combating those extra pounds “everyone” gains during the Holiday season without missing a second of The Charlie Brown movie.

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Thanks to Cassey Hoe for her yummy recipes, fun exercises, and videos.







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  1. This is the perfect article to read the weekend before Thanksgiving. I love Cassie Ho– I did one of her exercise videos every morning my senior year and saw great results. I really liked how you combined healthy eating with exercising. Most blogs only focus on one, but you really need both to live a healthy lifestyle. Your additions to the ice cream sandwich recipe sounded so yummy. Honey or coconut would be good in the ice cream too. What are the top three foods to stay away from during the Holiday Season?

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