A Modest Review of RnR



A Modest Review of RnR

  1. Wyatt Grennan

English 105

Erik Meckley

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I think for this review I should begin with my first time at RnR, as since I have gone back countless times. My first time was during my orientation session before coming to the UNC. I had spent the day walking all over the unfamiliar campus, Tar-ing this, Heel-ing that. The butterflies in my stomach had long since been drowned in coffee and false confidence, leaving me with quite an appetite. My mom and I had searched up and down Franklin St. looking for somewhere to get dinner that was in her words, “quiet enough that we could talk.” The idea of spending another hour in a quiet room talking with my mother made me more uneasy than the prospect of college so I suggested maybe more of a bar-type scene. I walking past the CVS plaza when she said, “Well lets try this place! RnR?”, motioning towards a small sign on the sidewalk. I agreed and we went looking for an entrance. Once through the doors of the restaurant, just up the ramp of the CVS plaza, James the server greeted us. We were immediately seated and handed dinner menus.

A Google search to RnR’s website will tell you they classify themselves as “classic American” food and a quick look at the menu would probably confirm this. But once our appetizer came, Cajun fried calamari, it was clear to me the quality of the food served here was definitely a step above the “Friendly Chili TGI Friday” feel of classic American.

My whole family is from all over New England, so it’s safe to say I am no novice when it comes to good seafood. This being said, I am happy to say I was impressed by the quality of the calamari, especially in the piedmont of North Carolina. The spices they used were absolutely delicious and at the same time not overpowering or overwhelmingly spicy, as thought to be with some Cajun dishes. It was like tasting the scene from Frozen where Anna and the Douche-King sing the song about how perfect they are together, except replace lovable Disney characters with fresh local spices

Everything had a delicious balance. The pepper sauce that came with these delicious little cephalopods was the perfect mix of hot flavor and creamy sauciness. Upon finishing the appetizer and partaking in some friendly conversation with James, a physics major at UNC, my mother decided on the Shrimp ’n Grits and I decided to go with a simple chicken ceaser salad. After a while of dipping the remaining morsels of Cajun breadcrumbs in the pepper sauce to satisfy my growing hunger our food came. I immediately dug into what was and remains to be today, the most delicious salad I have ever had. The lettuce was crisp and each bite tasted like what I imagine surfing in an ocean of VOSS brand water feels like.

The lettuce to chicken to crouton to dressing ratio must have been derived by a mathematician. I naively sat eating my delicious salad thinking about how a meteor could hit the U.S. right now and this would still be the best day of my life, but that’s before I tried the Shrimp ‘n Grits. Now if you’re going to order the shrimp ‘n grits from RnR I feel like I should give you this disclaimer. Take off your socks before you try it, or else they’ll just be knocked off when you take that first bite. Seriously. The elderly couple next to me was not amused when my sweaty foot-mitts landed next to their bottle of wine. This Shrimp ‘n Grits could put a stop to racism, it could end wars, it could swim to the bottom of the Atlantic, find Osama Bin Laden’s dead body, resurrect him, and then kill him again. This restaurant deserves a Nobel Prize because congrats I’m like 99% sure they found the cure for cancer.


Conclusion: RnR, 10/10 would eat again. Blockbuster stuff right here. Two thumbs so way up that they’re in God’s nose. You smell that God? That’s Cajun spiced calamari.











2 thoughts on “A Modest Review of RnR

  1. As someone who’s never been to RnR, you’re review definitely made me want to go. I really enjoyed the way you said you liked it, with details such as “this Shrimp ‘n Grits could put a stop to racism, it could end wars, it could swim to the bottom of the Atlantic, find Osama Bin Laden’s dead body, resurrect him, and then kill him again.” All of these little tangents describing how good the food is not only made it the most interesting food review I’ve ever read, but it also described really well how the food tasted. Good job.

  2. I’ve never heard food described in a way that was so detailed and yet so interestingly. I think several things may possibly help add to the visual appeal of the article. For instance, you could find images of the company logo, maybe their menu or even pictures of their dishes. Although you described the scene well, visuals always help in this setting. Again, I really think I may stop at the RnR the next time I plan to eat on Franklin. Your definition of the way they do Cajun dishes perfectly matches my preference. I hope it was a good representation of delicious southern cooking!

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