The Dangers of Legalizing Gay “Marriage”


As I am sure you are well aware, a great miscarriage of justice recently occurred in our nation when the Supreme Court, reaching far beyond its proper authority, decided that it’s okay for the gays to get “married.” As proper Americans, it is undeniable that this threatens the sanctity of our marriages, imposes upon our religious beliefs, leads to unabated debauchery, and presents a grave danger for our children.

Letting these homosexuals get “married” threatens the sanctity of my real marriage. My wife Margret and I have been married for 17 years, man and woman, as God intended. I don’t care how much these homosexuals might “love one another.” Even my previous marriage of two weeks with Cindy, the hooker who I married while drunk in Vegas, is made legitimate by the fact that I was a man and she was a woman. Who is the Supreme Court to come in and say that marriage means something else? Doing so cheapens the bond that my wife and I share. If we just let any two people get “married” then our real marriages become next to meaningless!

God was more than clear when he told us what marriage is supposed to be in the Bible, and not once did he say anything about Adam and Steve. Being gay is sinful, and to let gays “marry” each other is nothing but a disgusting perversion of what God created marriage to be: between one man and one woman. Marriage is a Christian practice, of which we have the utmost respect for, other than when it comes to divorce. The Bible’s teachings on divorce are obviously outdated and don’t apply to our modern lives, unlike the far older teachings on homosexuality. God’s stance on homosexuality is so clear, that Jesus himself didn’t even see the need to address the matter.

This is obviously just the first step down a slippery slope into unlimited debauchery. If you let the homosexuals get married to each other today, soon enough people will be getting married to animals! Is that what you want, to be married to a dog? We as a nation cannot afford to budge even an inch from the traditional values upon which this country was founded on or all will be lost. It was bad enough when the Supreme Court last interfered with marriage back in ‘67, legalizing interracial marriage. We must make our stand here and now, or before we know it pedophilia will be legalized and our children will be stolen away!

Which brings me to the final dilemma, what are we to tell our children? How are we supposed to explain these disgusting behaviors to our innocent young children? I don’t want my kids growing up in a world where “gay is okay.” How is a child supposed to understand these things when it so easy to be led astray by the world’s secular lies? In order to prevent this from happening, we must refuse to consider these “relationships” as being actually valid. In fact, I say that it’s time to take further action. Why stop with denying the homosexuals the right to marry? In order to fully remove the influence of these perverse and sinful lifestyles, we should take away their other basic rights! The homosexuals have no right to force their sinful ways of living upon us. Just because homosexuality exists doesn’t mean that we should have to see it. Who knows, if we get enough momentum going, we might be able to re-criminalize homosexuality itself and drive them all back into the closet where they belong!

Join me, and the millions of other concerned Americans, in fighting this atrocious development now. Here are some nice and easy ways that you can help fight back against the gays. If you are an employer, refuse to hire them and if you are a landlord, refuse to rent to them. Hopefully we can thin their numbers by driving them into poverty and forcing them to live on the streets. If you have children, encourage them to bully kids that they suspect of being gay. This will help them to cultivate proper values and might help to prevent instances of homosexuality. If you suspect your own child of being gay, you should disown them unless they agree to give up the lifestyle. There are many psychologists who disagree with organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association that claim homosexuality isn’t a mental illness; you can hire them to psychologically torture your children in order to purge them of their sinful desires. If a television show has gay people in it, don’t let your kids watch it. This is sadly what we had to do with our favorite family show, The Walking Dead, when they added a gay couple. The intense violence, blood and gore, attempted rape, suicide, and murder was fine for our kids, but seeing two men kiss is simply out of the question!

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  1. You really stepped it up for this one Trace! I especially like the suggestions for resisting gay marriage at the end! One thing I would love to see in here would be some use of media, staying in character maybe a bad stock photo or something.

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