Fantasy: Week 9

Week 9

But can you back it up?
With a plethora of injuries in week 8, all eyes fell on a slew of back-ups that looked to flourish in their new role. DeAngelo Williams, a back-up running back for the Pittsburg Steelers, had already showed some promise during Le’Veon Bell’s two game suspension at the beginning of the season. With Bell out of the starting role again, after a gruesome knee injury, many scrambled to pick-up Williams for the Steelers’ match-up with the Raiders. To many’s jubilation, Williams put up monster numbers. Another running back, new to the starting role, Jeremy Langford of the Chicago Bears, looked to pick up where he left off in college, after the injury in week 8 to Matt Forte. Much like Williams, Langford exceeded many owners expectations, despite the game-time decision that named Ka’Deem Carey as the starting running back.
In San Diego, the season ending injury to Keenan Allen left a big whole in a passing attack that has Phillip Rivers on a record setting pace. There were a couple players who looked to gain from this shuffle, including some players who have already made a name for themselves this year. However, the primary question came between Malcolm Floyd and Stevie Johnson. Most believed Johnson the younger slot receiver stood to benefit the most. This theory proved to be true, especially after Floyd left the game early with an injury, adding his name to a long list of injured Charger players.

No Surprise
Despite a great deal of upsets in the NFL this week, numbers from fantasy players remained relatively close to expectations. Of course there are always exceptions, for instance Packers running-back Eddie Lacy continued his downward slope with a particularly abysmal performance in week 9. One that truly calls into question his viability for the rest of the season, as well as a potential upside for back up James Starks.

Looking Forward
Not quite on level with Week 8, this week’s games still had their fair share of injuries including a season ending injury to the Patriots starting running-back Dion Lewis. Also dirty hit on Vikings quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, put a damper on Minnesota’s outlook for the rest of the season. This injury proves most relevant for Stefon Digg, the Vikings sensational rookie wide-reciever, who showed no signs of slowing down until he encountered a stingy Rams defense in conjunction with the injury to his quarterback. The Buffalo Bills, a team that has faced many injury troubles of their own, faced yet another with the injury to running-back Lesean McCoy. Luckily for the Bills, they have a very capable number two back in Karlos Williams, who they will utilize, as they await McCoy’s prognosis.


3 thoughts on “Fantasy: Week 9

  1. Good post on week 8 for fantasy football as it relates to the NFL. I liked your title, “But can you back it up?,” and felt that it provided a perfect description for your commentary on good, prospective back-up players for the week. I also liked how you had a forward outlook section that elaborated on the struggles of injury-laden teams. However, could you also mention the alternative pick-up for the Patriots (LeGarrette Blount) with your comments on the loss of Dion Lewis? Lewis has been a top running back in the league this year, so fantasy owners need an alternative.

    • Interesting point about Blount especially as he provides some contrast with the other backs mentioned in the article because he has already gotten carries in every game this year. Of course this stems from Belichick alternating between the styles of the two backs, so I’ll be interested to see if the pats look to find another pass catching back or if they ride Blount the rest of the way.

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